Noch bis zum Freitag, dem 8 Juni um 11 Uhr europäischer Zeit gibt es eine weitere spannende Möglichkeit, sich einen Platz für die geschlossene Beta für Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning zu sichern. Ihr müsst nur eine eMail mit maximal 3 englischsprachigen Fragen an und dem Betreff "June Podcast Questions" zum Warhammer MMORPG senden. Sollte eure Frage interessant genug sein, wird sie im nächsten Newsletter veröffentlicht und ihr bekommt einen der heißbegehrten Closed Beta Accounts.

So with the May newsletter out the door, naturally we're already hard at work on the June edition. This month we are going to take a different approach to the podcast. It is going to be a studio Q&A session. Basically, this is your chance to send in those questions that are burning a hole in the back of your brain and have them answered by our trained team of experts. There are, of course, some simple guidelines to follow. And just so you don't think we don't appreciate the effort, we're even going to reward you!

If we use your question in the podcast, you will receive entry into the WAR closed beta.

If multiple people submit the same question, the person who sent their email in the earliest, based on the timestamp of it hitting my inbox, will get the beta slot.

The questions can be about absolutely anything - the game, life, dating, politics, anything! Wanna know what Paul had for breakfast that morning? Ask away! There are of course some subjects we're not ready to discuss, but you're more than welcome to send them in. Just know it lessens your chances of being selected.

Please limit yourself to three questions per email, one email per person. I know there's a ton of information you're all dying to get your hands on, but we're working with limited time here.

Entries should be emailed to RDuffek AT ea DOT com with the subject line "June Podcast Questions."

Entries need to be in no later than 5:00pm EST, Friday, June 8th. Thanks in advance everyone and good luck!

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