Dark and Light (Interview)

Wieder können wir euch ein exklusives Interview mit einem Game Developer vorstellen. Diesmal beantwortet uns César Jaquet von Dark and Light unsere Fragen.

What is Dark and Light in your eyes ?

César Jacquet: DnL is a new generation MMORPG, with a gigantic unique world for all players.

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In addition to the traditional combat in that type of game, adventure with a capital "A" is present with some arcade type game like with the sliding down snowing mountain on a shield, there is a delta plane to use, parachute etc… Ideal to discover Ganareth; a world of 40 000km².

How many years Dark and Light is in production?

César Jacquet: This project has been started three and an half years ago. After a year of search for viability (CJ) we did meet Vincent Pourieux, Christophe Nazaret, Vincent Pelisson et Laurent Paret, with whom we created NPCUBE the studio in charge of the production of DnL. DnL has been in production for two years now, it is quite a long time for us but also very short for a project of this size.

Please tell us something about the character creation in Dark and Light?

César Jacquet: The player as to choose his own alignment, Dark or Light, his race between 12 starting from the ½ Troll to the Fairy and Elves, then chooses your sex. Then you can customise your avatar. We did choose not to have points to use in DnL at start. This option will be available when you will be sufficiently advanced in the game to do the repartition of your points in real understanding of their importance in relation of what you choose to be and to do.

What do you think are the main differences of Dark and Light, compared to other MMORPGS ?

César Jacquet: The main difference is the choice of one unique gigantic world. To the contrary of a lot of others, we do think it as an advantage important for the community (CJ) when you master risk as dispersion of players in such a huge world. The immersion and the power of such a community at last reunited in a unique world let us think that to experience this game will be a totally different to anything known to date in MMORPG.
Then on top of the traditional dimensions of combats and trades, found in all that type of games, we really have a unique exploration dimension, and also an economical and political fine tuned management.

There are many quests and Monsters in Dark and Light? Can you tell us something about that part of the game?

César Jacquet: Each class of player will have his epic quest as well as in combat than in trade. These are equipment sets that evolve with time; to keep alive the gamer's interest since the first level, for example a ring given in the first part of an epic quest will have its specification updated in the second part of that same quest. On top of the epic quest, exist lost of others to find new recipes, spells, ingredient to be crafted etc. in a general manner you do not find high level objects on monsters in DnL but ingredients for the fabrication of these objects. Monsters are grouped by divine affinity in the twelve Ganareth kingdoms; the 10th and last one will be very difficult to reach with fights seen only between Greeks half gods.

Please tell us something about the combat system of the Game?

César Jacquet: The combat here is mainly on PVP (CJ) but according to laws and boundaries to make it playable. You cannot fight someone of your alignment, a divine intervention exist to control the only PK player, to stop a player from stupidly killing a newbie for fun.

You will, of course have the right ton chase monsters and other beasts starting with a simple rat to gigantic dragons, found in 10 kingdom with growing game difficulties. 2 starting kingdoms, protected without PvP to permit newbie to learn in total security without stress.

Seems to be nice, and how does PvP work ?

César Jacquet: PvP here obeys to laws. Two player of the same faction will be allowed to fight only with authorisation before been able to do it as training duel type.Also the attack of a player a lot weaker, with no declared conflict, may raise the hungriness of the opposite god, especially if the gamer has a good "divine faction". Such an attack may live no chance to the attacker. You will not allow someone to take objects from one's inventory but only part of his gold carried by that player. A "wanted" mode driven by the nobles permitting head hunter to look for the players on that list, then without any level limit for the player. This is one possible way for a PK hard gamer to play at his hand in DnL.

Players not following these rules of combat may enter this list , to the discretion of the gamers in charge of the kingdoms politics. To take a fortress, PvP rules could be applied if they are under the influence of a god, otherwise they can be attack at the wish of the players. These are the PvP combat baseline; we also have other rules permitting to break the monotony of the gamer.

Can we expect non combat classes in Dark and Light?

César Jacquet: DnL is a lot more than just a combat MMORPG, the gamer does have two development axes: the FXP (Fighting eXperience Points) and SXP (Social eXperience Points). He will gain FXP in combat but SXP in developing other ways as: Trade, Politics and Exploration. We tried to make trade more attractive than a click system in DnL, the beta testers will allow us to check if we are on the right way… the kingdoms economics and politics management is left to the player with increasing power according to the jurisdiction.

As an example a baron will have the management of the hunting in his region with the eco system to keep balanced. Different taxes that will influence the cost of NPC in Ganareth will also be in the hand of the players.

There is one big question from the European community? What is about a European, or a special German server?

César Jacquet: One only server for Europe and the USA. This is the decision for DnL, we doing an enormous work with our partner on the server technology to permit the realisation of a first in that type of game. One only world then! We will make an announcement on this technology.

Which kind of PC players need to have fun with Dark and Light ?

César Jacquet:
A PC type Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent, 512 Mo of RAM, Gforce 4 Ti or equivalent is the minimum configuration required to play DnL. We will recommend having a Pentium IV 2.5 GHz or equivalent with 750 Mo of RAM and an FX type graphical card to take the full power of the engine. The feature of our engine technology is that it will adapt to any growing power of our machines, as its conception is completely procedural.

What do you think, is the most important Feature in a MMORPG?

César Jacquet: Players immersion and the community. Immersion goes with the game play; if it is linked to a strong community it guaranties the gamer's pleasure and then the success of the game.