Was viele schon seit langem befürchtet haben, wurde nun von Entwickler Funcom bestätigt: Die deutsche Version von Age of Conan wird geschnitten sein:

The German version of the game will be modified in order to adhere to the rules and regulations in Germany. It is simply something we as a company must do if we are to release the game in that market, and we consider Germany a very important market. We certainly do not make the rules, but if we are to operate in the German market, then we must follow them. There can only be one version sold officially in Germany, and that will be the German version that are in line with those rules. Releasing a uncut version in Germany is not a possibility as the marketplace would be allowed to sell it legally.

It will still be Conan, but there are certain elements in the game's level of gore that must be modified because of these rules and regulations.

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