Das Urban Terror Team hat Version 3.4 ihrer Quake-3-Mod Urban Terror veröffentlicht. Hier der englische Change-Log:

  • g_swaproles 0/1 - defaults to On - at Intermission, teams are swapped, map starts up again with a warmup
  • g_maxrounds N - 0 for off, have to have it off to use the timelimit
  • cg_autoscreenshot to accept a value of 2 now to only take shots during matchmode
  • New bomb mode rules removed.
  • g_survivorroundtime now accepts real numbers like 1.5 for 1:30 worth of time.
  • Changed the g_teamnameRed and g_teamnameblue to not be latched anymore
  • Changed intermission not to look around anymore
  • Made TDM use TS spawns if no TDM spawns around
  • modified the UI to show 1/2 time scores on the scoreboard
  • if it somehow makes it to 1/2 time without either team readying a ready up in the second half resets the match
  • personal scores are kept between first and second half unless a restart is called in which case the personal scores are cleared but the match starts at the second 1/2
  • Improved pause text: "Pausing" appears at the top of the screen; by who (red/admin/blue); whether it's a timeout or pause
  • Pause and resume have countdowns eg: "Resuming in 9 seconds" etc which are in the middle of the screen

Einen Link zum Download findet Ihr unter der News.

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