Es gibt wieder einmal ein neues Update für Valves Steam . Folgende Verbesserungen wurden vorgenommen:

- fixed bug where favorite servers would not get saved to disk if filtered out
- increased max servers listed from 10,000 to 20,000
- fixed 'add friends' and 'game info' dialogs showing up over gameplay in game
- fixed problem with not always being able to re-add friends after removing them
- fixed case where authorization request dialog could appear multiple times from the same user
- fixed chat messages & authorization requests stealing focus and not starting minimized
- fixed auto-away not working - removed 'about' dialog
- fixed add-on (checkers, etc) invites when in game appearing over the top of the game, instead of just in the gameUI area
- removed unnecessary bind() calls for client UDP sockets
- chat dialogs now add a message into the text whenever the other user changes status
- fixed spurious character in Game Info dialog
- change 'time' info in game info player list to be in hours:minutes:seconds instead of just seconds
- changed game info player list to default to sorting by score, then time

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