Spectrobes - Infos

Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS(TM) by Jupiter Corporation in Kyoto, Japan, the makers of "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, " "Spectrobes" is the first video game based on original intellectual property to be created and published by Buena Vista Games.

A powerful and deadly force, the Krawl, threatens to destroy the galaxy, and the only hope for survival lays in the hands of sleeping, ancient beings named Spectrobes. The daunting task of awakening and training these powerful creatures has fallen on two Planetary Patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena. Helping the Spectrobes to evolve and become more powerful is essential to winning of the epic battle against the Krawl, and saving the galaxy from destruction. Highly customizable elements and powers enable players to create unique Spectrobes to match their individual playing style.

An artistic environment emulating the look and feel of Japanese manga and anime will immerse players in the valiant battle to save the galaxy.

Spectrobes - Developer Trailer