Electronic Arts hat eine erweiterte Demo-Version zu Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault veröffentlicht, welche ein exklusives, d.h. nicht in der Verkaufsversion enthaltenes Level bietet. Der Download wiegt dafür knapp 400MB.

Hier die Infos zur Karte:

The Island of Corregidor:

Corregidor is a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers west of Manila which is strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. Also known as "the Rock," it was a key bastion of the Allies during the war. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines in December 1941, the military force under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur carried out a delaying action at Bataan.

Corregidor became the headquarters of the Allied forces and also the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth government. It was from Corregidor that Philippine President Manuel Quezon and General MacArthur left for Australia in February 1942, leaving behind Lt. Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright in command.

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