Auf den Seiten von gibt es ein langes und interessantes Interview mit dem Vice President des Publishers Gathering über den Taktik-Shooter Hidden & Dangerous 2. Hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt:

Action Vault: What multiplayer modes will be included, and how and why did you choose them? How many simultaneous players will be supported? Are there other important and/or unusual aspects of multiplayer our readers should know?
Graeme Struthers: Hidden & Dangerous 2 will support up to 32 players and has the following multiplayer modes available:
Occupation Mode: The players are divided into two opposing forces that fight over territory. The game ends when the preset amount of territory points is reached by one of the teams (a point is awarded for each occupied zone) OR when all of the zones have been captured by one of the teams OR when the preset time limit has been reached. This mode contains vehicles such as tanks and jeeps. Naturally, a team that is prepared to work together has a better chance of winning this mode.
Deathmatch Mode: See something move, kill it. Not sure if it moved? Kill it.
Objective Mode: The players are divided into two opposing forces. One team is trying to fulfill a list of mission objectives while the opposing team tries to defend these objectives from being fulfilled. The game ends when all the members of one team are dead OR when all the mission objectives have been completed OR when the time limit has expired. This mode doesn't include any vehicles as it's a far more considered and tactical game than the Occupation mode.

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