Wie unsere Community-Seite zu Hellgate: London berichtet, werden die Flagship Studios auf einen LAN-Modus verzichten, um potentiellen Hackern eine möglichst geringe Angriffsfläche zu bieten.

"There will be no LAN play in Hellgate: London.

It's a security risk. We have closed servers. We don't want other people learning how to circumvent our laser grid of defenses. We don't want other people running their own fake HG:L servers and ripping people off.

Why does it suck and why is it good?
No LAN doesn't suck at all. I know, I'm supposed to say things like that. It's somewhere in my job description. But when you really think about it... Who the fuck cares? LAN was great when we didn't have broadband. It's also awesome if you're willing to lug your stupid computer around all over the place. But HG:L runs on closed servers and we have free online multiplayer that's every bit as robust as Diablo II. So why even bother with LAN?"

Nähere Details zu dieser Meldung und weitere Infos zu Hellgate: London findet Ihr auf HGLondon.de.

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