Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit erschien bereits auf Halflife2.net ein Q&A (Questions & Answers) zu Half-Life 2. Die dort veröffentlichten Informationen stammen alle aus E-Mails die von der HalfLife2.net-Community direkt an Gabe Newell (Manager von Valve Software) geschickt wurden.

The following snippets of information were gained from emails sent from halflife2.net community members to Gabe Newell at Valve Software. Some emails have been edited to save space or to correct spelling or grammatical mistakes. No information has been edited.

Während sich der erste Teil mehr mit allgemeinen Fragen beschäftigt, ist der zweite Teil besonders für Modder interessant - was allerdings nicht heißt, dass es für den Auto-Normal-Zocker nichts interessantes zu lesen gibt.

Can you hand characters weapons they can use?

Gabe Newell: Yes, you can give an NPC a weapon. The problem we have is that in play-testing, people will sometimes give an NPC the wrong weapon, and want it back, and then shoot the NPC to get it back, which is, well, not really what we had in mind. So we're still tinkering with this. NPCs also give you weapons. NPCs will pick up weapons they find.

Will the SDK include a number of generic skeletons (including the facial musculature system), or will mod developers have to create that on a per model basis?

Bill Van Buren: We will release some sample content and some generic skeletons and animations (in XSI format). The facial animation system is based on key shapes (morph targets or vertex animations) so they tend to be unique to each model. Random citizens will have the same capacity for facial animation (the same 35 key shapes) but we don't intend to invest as much authoring time for their facial animations as on our 'star' characters.

Half-Life 2 ist für PC und seit dem 28. November 2005 für XBox erschienen. Jetzt bei Amazon kaufen.