Am Wochenende gibt es den ersten Patch für Ground Control 2. Mit dabei ist eine neue Map namens Frontline und nun dürfen sich Infanteristen sogar tarnen. Hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt der Änderungen:
The ongoing open beta for Ground Control II - Operation Exodus TM will see major additions and improvements on the weekend. The makers at Massive Entertainment will add a whole new Multiplayer Map named FRONTLINE - featuring a new terrain and a battle in the icy north of Morningstar Prime.

Improvements include Stealth as a new ability for Infantry troops allowing real Infantry ambushes and Cloak mode for several units as well as the ability to lift and transport vehicles with a Helidyne. Massive has also listened to the fans and improved and expanded a lot of the interface and options for the game, like graphically displaying weapon ranges and setting flags on the map for your team.

Eine ausführliche Beschreibung mit allen Änderungen findet ihr auf unserer Ground Control 2 Seite.

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