Die Macher von Frontlines: Fuel of War geben derzeit Schlag auf Schlag News zum Strategieshooter heraus.

So wurden gerade erst die Verpackungsdesigns geändert und aufgehellt:

Der neue Trailer zeigt Details zur Drohnen Technologie und ihrer Anwendung und auf Frontlineswar.com gibt es ein neues Interview mit Matthew Harwood, dem Audio Director der Kaos Studios

Ein Auszug aus dem Interview:

"7. What type of music themes can we expect in Frontlines: Fuel of War? Rock? Classical? Pop?

The compositions originally were 100% orchestral, but as the gameplay evolved I realized this approach would just not do. It would certainly fit, but making something a bit more interesting that matched the technology being used by the players was important to illustrate though music. It’s has orchestral qualities, as the theme is usually stated with the horns and low brass, but it’s also gritty, urban and industrial (without being techno) "On The Offensive" from the soundtrack is the best example of how I combined these genres. I also wanted to have a little fun with the music. For example there is a track in the game called "industry" where I captured all kinds of machine recordings like presses, box cutters, metal folders, anvils and pile drivers etc, cut them all up and built a rhythm based tune around them. This piece occurs when your squad infiltrates a tank factory."

Frontlines: Fuel of War ist für PS3, seit dem 29. Februar 2008 für PC und Xbox 360 erschienen. Jetzt bei Amazon kaufen.