David W. Bradley, Schöpfer vieler bekannter Rollenspiele, unter anderem Wizardry V - VII und Wizards&Warriors, war bei unseren Kollegen von Rebell.at im Interview und hat viele interessante Informationen zu seinem neuesten Rollenspiel Dungeon Lords ausgepackt.

Hier ein kleiner Vorgeschmack:

Will the player have any influence on the look of the main character or is there a named hero?

"Each player will create their own unique hero, choosing from 8 different character races, detailed attributes and stats, about 50 possible skills, a host of special properties, and a zillion combinations of armor and weaponry. The player's hero may also choose to undertake multiple Class specializations (there are three different tiers of character Classes, about 20 Classes all together). Players also choose from a variety of face, skin and hair styles for their hero. Beyond this, gender plays a role as well, for example there is a secret sisterhood operating throughout the kingdom, and only female characters may join. Finally, political associations, guild memberships, etc., all play a part in how the game will unfold. Individual personal character hero development is one of the fundamental components in the design of Dungeon Lords, as in all true RPG. "

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