Der Release des heißersehnte Stunt-Rennspiel Crashday des deutschen Entwicklers Moon Byte Studios wurde von Anfang 2004 ins zweite Quartal 2004 verschoben. Crashday is not yet near release at all, it is still heavily in development.[...]
As you maybe already expected, Crashday will be shifted again, to the second quarter of 2004 and we seriously apologize for it. However Moon Byte will very soon increase its team size essentially and with strengthened power it will be a much faster and intensified development.[...]

Auch in Sachen Publisher gibt es noch keine Neuigkeiten: Es laufen immer noch Gespräche mit verschiedenen Firmen.
There is still no publisher for Crashday meaning not that we are incapable in finding one. Indeed several publishers are interested in the title but the team is still working on an preview version for presentation issues.[...]

Crashday ist für PC erschienen. Jetzt bei Amazon kaufen.