Desert Combat, der geniale Mod zu Battlefield 1942 ist nun nach diversen Problemchen endlich auf den Mirrors dieser Welt eingetroffen. Quasi noch warm, schreit der Wüstenmod geradezu nach einem Download.

EIn kleines Problem gibt es da allerdings noch: 591 MB Dateigröße dürften selbst für hartgesottene Fans nahe der Schmerzgrenze sein - aber was tut man nicht alles um up-to-date zu sein. Selbstverständlich findet ihr das File auch bei uns, wie immer einfach rechts auf Downloads klicken.

An der neuen Version scheint überhaupt alles etwas größer geraten zu sein, wie ein kurzer Blick auf das nachfolgende Changelog beweisen dürfte:

* Created Menu Icons for VSS and PSS weapons
* convergence tweaked for M2A3 TOW
* health and ammo refill removed from spandrel
* m2a3 and bmp2 had their projectiles weakened vs air due to the
* enhanced capabilities of their new cannons
* new C4 and missing HEDP (fixes projectile issue with bmp2) damage files added
* Fixed A10 Cluster Bomb Sounds
* Reverted ROF and Stability of Sniper Rifles
* Fixed Stryker Camera position and rotation
* Fix the BRDM-2 not reloading bug
* Fix the little bird / Gazelle / MD-500 not reloading on airfield bug.
* Fix F-16 exit position to avoid bailing out deaths
* VSS reload sound corrected
* SA-7 fire sound corrected
* Sniper rifles fire faster, less stable.
* new sounds for sniper rifles
* improved soundscripts for artillery and tank cannon projectile whiz
* new soundscript for mortar in flight
* M163 Air Radar fixed
* ZPU-4: set min angle and raised camera
* Shilka - "No Head" feature as well as Air Radar fix
* C4 Changes missed on 7H build
* Mortar velocity increase for improved distance
* Mirage collision mesh fixes
* Urban Siege: removed capture abilities of Nimitz by enemy
* Fixed Menu 1.6 Patch error
* Added 2 Load Screens
* Reverted BF 1.6 Patch Wrench Repair
* Supply and Health refill added to BRDM2, BMP2, and M2A3 interior
* Tweaked main cannons for BMP2 and M2A3 ( bmp2= higher elevation, faster velocity m2a3= faster ROF, larger splash)
* Optimized Effects
* PKM given worse minimum accuracy, 100 round clip, larger max crosshair width
* A-10 given heavy muzzle smoke
* C4 vs heavy armor toned down. 2 C4s required to kill a MBT
* reduced soldier infantry fall damage slightly
* fixed vehicle to vehicle collisions (ie light vehicles can no longer ram heavy vehicles and not lose damage. Heavy vehicles will also take less damage from collisions)
* improved pitch rate for SA-342
* updated stinger texture for FULL build
* fixed engines disappearing prematurely on A-10
* fixed SCUD-B driving sounds
* fixed missing canopy on Mirage
* removed horn feature from UralTanker to fix CTD
* reduced splash radius and damage from destroyed zpu-4
* fixed opaque windows for UralTanker exterior mesh
* fixed static wrecked meshes that were lacking custom collision meshes
* fixed missing glass on BRDM2 Spandrel
* added crosshair to Tabuk sniper rifle for unzoomed view
* fixed sound issues for MG42
* updated M16A2 animations

Map changes:

Basrah's Edge:
* bots added
* texswaps reduced by almost half in critical locations (was 900, now 500)
* marketside m2 meshes redone with single texture optimisations
* object cull and lod improved, file size reduced
* wallhack exploits fixedticket count slightly tweaked for US to 105.
* ticket loss reduced to 7
* some missing faces fixed, general graphics improvements, detail
* texture enhanced

Sea Rigs:
* texswaps reduced slightly
* model geometry given another pass to reduce drawn tris, col01 & col02 by almost 40%
* model groups broken up further to improve performance
* nimitz exploit fixed, wallhack exploits fixed, flag radii tweaked
* various graphical fixes, new level art, custom skybox, dirty clouds
* new water, new lightmaps for all exterior parts of the map
* file size reduced, final map thumbnail

Urban Siege:
* file size reduced, texswaps reduced significantly
* model geometry given another pass to reduce drawn tris, col01 and col02 by almost 30%
* object cull and lod improved, reduced texture load, nimitz exploit fixed

Desert Shield:
*file size reduced, general optimisations done, final map thumbnail

Lost Village:
* file size reduced, general optimisations done, final map thumbnail

Battle of 73 Easting:´
* file size reduced, all new level art, look and feel
* terrain optimised - base layouts tweaked and changed, final map thumbnail

Operation Bragg:
* file size reduced, lighting enhanced, lightmaps and colors tweaked
general optimisations done, final map thumbnail

No Fly Zone
* file size reduced, general optimisations done

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