Für das Rundenstrategiespiel Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht steht nun das Update 1.13 bereit. Den vollständigen Changelog des Patches gibt es hier:


- Mud/snow versions of ports are updated to match dry version
- Fixed jungle tiles showing as clear (in British India scenario)
- Other minor fixes

Equipment file

- New units added: V1 Flying Bomb, V2 Rocket, Go-229 Flying Wing Fighter, Arado E-555 Strategic Bomber, Arado Ar-234 Tactical Bomber
- Adjusted costs of Sahariana and Chevy recon units

UI and controls

- Minor adjustments in turn splash screen: scenario name is added to information shown; more screen space is used for victory conditions
- Number of units in reserve is now shown as N+B, where N is the number of normal units, and B is the number of bonus units.
- Prestige tooltip in the main UI now includes per-turn prestige bonus.
- Unit's battle history now includes unit upgrades.
- It is now possible to deploy paratroopers in the air or on the ground, using the ground/air switch.
- Actual ground state is now shown during deploy phase.
- When both movement and attack is possible to a certain hex, the player can now choose movement or attack using ground/air switch.
- On scenario result screen Enter now means "proceed" and "Esc means "view battlefield".
- Once spotted, immobile structures remain spotted on the map even if there are no units spotting them (like minefields).
- Sort order in the unit list is tweaked: now SE units are always shown after "normal" units.
- Added hotkey for Switch: W
- On briefing/debriefing screen Enter can be used to close the screen (except when there is a choice of the next scenario).
- In the scenario result screen Decisive victory, marginal victory and Loss now use different images.
- The game no longer counts carriers when calculating dangerous hexes for strategic bombers.


- Weather action now includes sandstorms.
- It is now possible to add new custom movement types.
- Prestige condition added (via Map condition, choose "Axis prestige" or "Allied prestige" from the list)
- New unit traits: "camo" (unit is hard to spot, like a minefield), "captureflag" (inverts predefined class ability to capture flags: infantry/tank/recon/AT lose it, other classes gain it)


- Added "dice chess" cheat. Similar to "chess", but there is a certain limited randomization of combat results (unit's chance to hit and suppress can vary +-20% from its normal value).
- German localization of Africa campaign is included with this update.
- Various small fixes in Russian localization.

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