Der kleine Softwareflicken setzt den Patch 1.07 voraus. Dann erfüllt der aber munter seine Aufgaben.
1) Enemy turn stuck. Sometimes enemy or neutral turn never ends. Fixed.
2) AP not restoring at start of turn. Sometimes if enemy’s turn intercepted at its very end player’s merc does not restore AP at the start of next turn. Repaired.
3) Regular bug on Dam level. Frequently an enemy that has been shot down from dam into water is not counted as dead. It prevents the level of being finished. Fixed.
4) Reproducible crash. If player fills inventory full and starts to put ammo in hand slots game crashes after attempt of its removing. Fixed.
5) Game sometimes shows slow performance between turn-based periods of combat. If player gets out to real-time mode when enemies still present on map gameplay become choppy. Fixed.

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